Joris helps companies transform ‘classical’ marketing & advertising strategies into ‘Digital 1st thinking’

Joris Merks-Benjaminsen worked in several media, advertising, and research businesses before he joined Google in 2010. He now serves there as European Head of Curriculum Design for Google Digital Academy building workshops, courses and e-learning to equip companies for Digital Transformation.

His fresh thinking has won him prizes for Dialogue Marketer of the Year for 2012 and Best Marketing Book of the Year in 2013 and 2015. Joris was also nominated for Company Researcher of the Year and Cross Media Man of the Year in 2013.

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In the video below Joris is interviewed on CES2016 Las Vegas, the largest tech fair in the world covering his book Online Brand Identity (unfortunately weak sound, but it gives a nice peek into the content of the book).

Books for digital transformation

Joris wrote four books covering various aspects of digital change:

Online Brand Identity is the ultimate guide to designing your future-ready brand and advertising strategy and winner of the award for best marketing book 2015. It offers a brand framework that puts digital thinking at the heart of your business.

Think and Grow Digital offers a blueprint to success for ‘digital thinkers’ to drive digital transformation in the companies they work for, thereby building a flourishing career, creating their own jobs and doing what they have a passion for.

Schizophrenic Marketing covers the integration of online and offline marketing. This book won of the award for best marketing book of the year 2013.

Samurai Business is an inspirational and beautiful looking book that helps nurturing the courage and ethics needed to build professional success in the 21st digital century.


Best Marketing Book of the Year for Online Brand Identity, 2015

Best Marketing Book of the Year for Schizophrenic Marketing, 2013

Consumer Barometer Awarded Gold, European Design Awards, 2013

Nominated Crossmedia Man of the Year 2013, Dutch Media Network, 2013

Nominated Company Researcher of the Year, Market Research Association, 2013

Dialogue Marketer of the Year 2012, Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association, 2013

Platinum Award for Outstanding Work within Google Global Marketing, 2012

Nominated AMMA Award for Best Media Research, Media Working Group, 2011

Best Product Innovation Award, Metrixlab, 2008

Grand Prix des Etudes Marketing, SEMO and Marketing Magazine, 2008

European & Open German Champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 2002

Hans Du Chatinier Award for Best Advertising Research, 2001


Joris is a modest person and a powerful personality. He combines vision with persuasiveness and decisiveness.
Jury Report, Dialogue Marketer of the Year 2012
Joris is a good listener. A worthy winner of the title Dialogue Marketer of the Year 2012.
Jury Report, Dialogue Marketer of the Year 2012