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Joris wrote four books covering various aspects of digital change


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Online Brand Identity

The ultimate guide to designing your (digital) branding strategy


Five to ten years from now the majority of all advertising, including TV, radio, and print, will be bought through digital automated trading systems. Imagine a world where people only watch ads they want to watch at moments that suit them, rather than ads we want them to watch at moments that suit us.

How would your brand and advertising strategy change? Which of the things you do now would no longer work? Which assets and skills do you lack? Would your job still exist? What elements of your strategy and skill-set could be even be more useful than they are now? Are you running the right experiments to be ready for this change?

Online Brand Identity offers a brand framework that puts digital thinking at the heart of your business. The framework is illustrated with forty successful cases from big and small brands. The book offers exercises to define the experiments you can start running tomorrow.

In the videos below I share my view on how the book Online Brand Identity relates to the fastest digital trend: programmatic marketing.

Think and Grow Digital

Everything the net generation needs to know to survive and thrive in any organization

Your blueprint to success

If you are young and you’re excited about starting your career, but the whole nine-to-five office thing isn’t a world you’re looking forward to being a part of. Then you have two choices: Let the world change you, or change the world.

Think and Grow Digital suggests the latter. As someone raised on the Internet, for whom technology and open information is a given, you are a valuable asset to any company with plans for long-term success—and today’s business leaders are starting to understand this. As a result, they’re accepting that they must adapt to you, not vice versa.

Think and Grow Digital helps you leverage this asset in a way that benefits you and your organization. Learn how you can:

  • Align your ambitions with your company’s goals
  • Help the older generation become future-ready
  • Design and create your own job
  • And always—always—do what you love.

Your digital point of view is what you have that other, older people in the workforce don’t. Think and Grow Digital reveals everything you need to know to deliver value to a company, make a difference, and actually do what you want to do for the rest of your life. The book was selected as one of twelve valuable books supporting innovation to be featured on CES 2016 in Vegas; the biggest global fair on innovation.



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Think and Grow Digital” is presented as a guide for “millennials”. But the book is filled with maxims, slogans, charts, and other catchy ways of imparting lessons that even a non-millennial can apply.
Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker
We learn Google-isms like “moonshot thinking” and “the funnel of focus.” And we get a closing proclamation: “Greatness is for everyone.”
Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker

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Schizophrenic Marketing is a book every marketer should read. It unites the old and new world of marketing. 
Jury Report, PIM Marketing Book of the Year

Schizophrenic Marketing

Integrating online and offline marketing

Schizophrenic Marketing (only available in Dutch) helps marketers integrate online and offline marketing and advertising. The book won the award for best marketing book 2013. Online and offline strategies are often handled by separate teams within companies, with their own ways of working and their own targets and tools. These teams often compete for the same resources and therefore tend to compete with each other while they should be serving the same customer.

Consumers do not differentiate between online and offline the way marketing and advertising professionals do, they expect a seamless experience. If they walk into a shop and goods are out of stock, they expect store personnel to help them find and order the desired products online. Though this seems logical, it doesn’t happen so often because offline and online stores tend to have separate targets, hence professionals are not rewarded to provide seamless integration.

Schizophrenic Marketing shows what online and offline marketers can and should learn from each other and helps bring their strategies together.

Samurai Business

Courage and ethics for 21st century business success

In Samurai Business Joris combines his experience in business with his knowledge from practicing twenty years of martial arts. Joris is a black belt in Judo and Aikido and former European Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Samurai Business helps professionals nurture the courage and ethics needed to be successful in facing the transparency and rapid change in our digital century.

Companies relying on power, control or low ethical standards, are losing ground. More than ever success comes from having a purpose beyond earning money. Samurai Business offers thirteen Samurai principles helping professionals to face politics and fierce competition by keeping relentless focus on vision, self-development and integrity. Integrity is not naivety and kindness does not equal weakness.

13 Samurai Principles for Sustainable Success

  • Dedicate yourself to a purpose beyond power, control or earning money.
  • Develop yourself to the benefit of the world around you.
  • If you encounter a problem: change it, accept it or leave it.
  • Stay connected to yourself and the environment under any kind of pressure.
  • Take a close view of distant things and a distant view of close things.
  • Balance careful planning with creative and flexible execution.
  • Don’t fight inevitable developments.
  • Be respectful, yet clear and sharp.
  • Reflect without judging.
  • Look fear in the eyes while doing what you think is right and necessary.
  • Inspire people and celebrate successes with gratitude, not arrogance.
  • Be helpful and generous, yet choose the people around you wisely.
  • Take care of yourself and those around you.


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Joris Merks advocates for personal integrity in business by turning old wisdom into new strategies.
Camilla Stein, Book review
Samurai Business is a must read for modern entrepreneurs, marketers, managers, stockbrokers and everyone seeking to personalize their business experience and maximize their potential.
Camilla Stein, Book review

Artwork by Thera Benjaminsen

Thera Benjaminsen is a Dutch art painter and illustrator born in the early 1950s in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She painted a series of beautiful illustrations for Samurai Business that give the book its’ unique atmosphere, making it a true piece of art both in messaging and looks.

Her colorful and expressive and characteristic paintings have expanded into a large intriguing personal art collection.