Inspirational Speaking


Ignite digital thinking

Joris has done over 200 speaking engagements covering the topic of digital change in the context of business, marketing, brand strategy, advertising and data driven decision making. Joris’s speeches are insightful and confronting, yet respectful. He paints a lively picture of how consumers tend to change faster than the companies that should be serving them.

Follow your consumer

Consumers naturally mix online and offline channels in their journey towards purchase, but online and offline are often still served by separate teams with separate tools and targets within companies. Lack of cooperation between specialists often results in failure of acknowledgement that we are speaking to the same consumer throughout all stages of the consumer journey.

Joris is a passionate, versatile marketer with a refreshing and clear vision on marketing communication.
Jury report, Dialogue Marketer of the Year

Become ‘future ready’

Joris untangles the complexities and politics around digital transformation and inspires professionals to work together to get the company future ready. Joris speaks on in-company events covering specific business challenges and on broad conferences triggering a more digital savvy mindset in various industries (e.g. experience in travel, CPG/FMCG, Retail, finance, telco, tech, fashion, automotive, creative agencies, media & performance agencies).


  • Digital Change
  • Marketing Organisation of the Future
  • Data and Decision Making in the Digital Age
  • Building Brands Online
  • Integrating Brand and Performance Strategies
  • Attribution and ROI Based Strategies
  • Cross Media & Cross Channel
  • Consumer Journeys & Zero Moment of Truth
  • Advertising & Content Strategy

Recent speaking engagements:

CES2016, Las Vegas

Achmea Management Meeting

Philips International Marketing Team

Omnicom Media Group, GroupM, Aegis

Group D’Ouchy (gathering international CEO’s of the biggest FMCG companies)

Harvard Business School Theory & Practice in Marketing Conference

University of Twente

University of Amsterdam

Lorange Institute for Business Zurich

Google Global Marketing Meetup San Francisco

Cross Media Conference

ASI European TV conference Amsterdam & Prague

PIM Marketing Awards

Google Think Events in Brussels & Amsterdam

YouTube Pulse event

Marketing Information Event Amsterdam

Google Analytics Conference

Google Global Marketing team