Transformational Workshops


Design a future ready strategy together

Joris works as European Head of Curriculum Design for Google Digital Academy building workshops, courses and e-learning to equip companies for Digital Transformation. Joris’s workshops bring together people from all layers of the organization of top 50 brands to jointly craft their own Digital 1st strategies.

It is impressive how fast Joris captured the essence of the brand. The workshop hit the nail exactly on the head in defining actionable steps for digitizing our brand strategy in upcoming years.
Florens Tegelaar, Marketing Director Home Care at Unilever

Boardroom sessions

With senior decision makers Joris does boardroom sessions aiming for senior buy-in to make digital thinking a core element of company strategy. Leaders are challenged through stimuli and provocations, with data, insights, tools, discussion and playful exercises. These are all input for idea generation resulting in actions for short, mid and long term aiming to tackle tough questions:

  • Is the organization structure future ready?
  • Do we reward people for the right things?
  • Do we have the right expertise and technical infrastructure?
  • Are we focusing on Moonshots or are we incrementally improving what we already did in the past?
  • How do we give teams sufficient support and agility to explore unknown territory and keep up with rapid change?
Merks paints a detailed image of the problems companies face when going through digital transformation and offers lots of ideas and suggestions to drive necessary change.
John Vijlbrief, Review Schizophrenic Marketing Book
Joris offers a clear view of what the advertising agency, media agency and marketing organization of the future look like.
John Vijlbrief, Review Schizophrenic Marketing Book

Recent workshops done with:

Transformational strategy sessions

Joris brings specialists throughout the organization together in transformational strategy sessions. Together they translate strategy as defined by senior management into specific briefs, insights, ideas, actions and owners of those actions.

Exercises are organized around the flow: Ignite, Think, Grow.

‘Ignite’ is about translating broad company Moonshots into meaningful missions that make the teams want to work on the challenges they face.

‘Think’ is about anchoring inspiring missions in reality of the organization, in data and insights so ideas are both audacious, realistic and meaningful.

‘Grow’ is about action, building a strategy for launch and iterate so ideas can grow into successful projects. Innovation does not come overnight, it is hard work, trial and error, it is sometimes protecting your idea so it doesn’t die in compromise and sometimes it is about testing, measuring and failing fast, so learnings can be used for the next idea.


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